Messages from a doctor

in the fourth dimension

Dr. Karl Nowotny was a specialist and professor of psychiatry and neurology. He published a great many scientific papers. After his death he made contact with the medium, Grete Schroeder. His messages are for everybody. In clear, simple language he explains the correlations with the world beyond and gives advice for a healthy philosophy of life in this world.

Dr. Nowotny points the way to developing a sound philosophy of life in conscious awareness of the world beyond. He explains the value of progress from the spiritual standpoint and the practical application of knowledge of human nature as well as the assessment of art, kinship and marriage from the earthly and otherworldly point of view. Positive influences are explained and so is the background of negative influences from the world beyond. It is possible, he says, to cure mental disorders. Every illness is centred in the soul.

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Dr. Karl Nowotny